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Explore our powerful campaign wizard

Our campaign wizard will ask you a few questions about your music and help generate social media posts for you. Use the wizard’s ideas, or change them entirely. Either way, you’ll never wonder what to post again.

Strategize everything with campaigns

Stop living post-to-post and start thinking of your social media presence as an invaluable way to connect with your audience. Our campaign wizard will help you create strategies around your album releases, concerts, merchandise campaigns, podcasts, and more in a matter of minutes. Really. It’s that easy.

Single / Album Releases, shows, merch

Have new music to release? A show to promote? New merchandise? New Podcast episode around the corner? Use our pre-built campaign templates to create a social media strategy in minutes.

General content posting

Need a quick way to create and schedule posts for later? Use the general calendar and schedule your posts as far into the future as you like. When the time comes, we’ll automatically post it to your social media platform of choice.

Managing multiple bands, brands, or artists? No problem

Are you a management company, social media expert with multiple clients, or in multiple bands and manage the content for all of them? No problem. Our unique “Crew” System will allow you to manage an unlimited number of profiles with one login, from one place. 

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